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Grizzly Sow with Cubs, Fireside British, Columbia

About US

              Images by DeonaLyn

Life and Light are fleeting...                                                                 

Our goal is to catch all that we can and share it with you

My husband, Keith, and I are travelers in this world – always with a camera. Sometimes it is a small point-and-shoot, sometimes the big Nikon DSLRs.  At other times it is a Panasonic ‘bridge’ camera. I have had the luxury of a patient husband and tolerant friends on road trips, stopping sometimes every mile to turn their motorcycles around,  or wait for me to catch up.  Or Keith will have to stop the car and let me jump out to capture a scene before the light changed.  While all images are signed as "Deonalyn,"  with bears or other large game it may be Keith that gets out among them and captures the image.  Keith and I did wedding photography for a couple of years, and I loved working with Brides and Grooms as they began a new life together – but, always, the light and life of the landscape, creatures and the rest of the world were what really called our photographers’ lens.

We now see this world through the windshield of a semi-truck, and it is much harder to stop and catch that moment before it changes.  But for work or play, we are traveling, as does the migrating goose, from the far north of Alaska to the southern points of Mexico.  Along the way, Keith and I try to catch the fleeting glimpses that nature provides.  Then we share them with you.  Whether low quality snapshots or high quality images, we refuse to Photoshop our images to death to create what wasn’t there! Life isn’t always perfect, our vision not always ideal – what we find in the lens doesn’t ever fully reveal what nature had intended – it never can. We can only catch a glimpse of this amazing world to share with you.

We hope you enjoy the images provided by Traveling Goose Photography.

Deanna, aka DeonaLyn